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Welcome to Art Knapp’s Penticton...

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cannas dahlia glads lilies nerine

Vases, containers and borders full of spectacular summer blooms start with a visit to Art Knapp's Plantland and Flower Shop. Drop in today and browse our selection of fabulous dahlia tubers, plant some gladiolus corms, pot up a canna lily and don't forget hardy oriental and asiatic lilies for the borders. Get these summer favourites started now so you can be cutting stems for superb bouquets right through until the fall.

Great Gardens Start with Good Soil

How's your soil? Not great? We can help with that! We carry peat soil and mushroom compost in our bulk bins. Both are excellent options for improving light sandy soils by adding organic matter and improving water retention. We also have bagged Sea Soil, Nature's Gold Compost Fertilizer, Premier Triple Mix and Steer Manure. Maybe you should put your soil to the test. We can do that too! Bring in a cup of dry soil and for a small charge we will test it for pH, plus nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. Great gardens start with good soil, and good soil starts with a visit to Art Knapp's Penticton.

670 Duncan Avenue West
Penticton, B.C.
Toll Free: 1-800-667-0765

Monday to Friday 9 am-5:30 pm
Saturday 9 am-5 pm
Sunday 10 am-4 pm

Artknapp.com serves the customers of Art Knapp’s Plantland and Flower Shop in Penticton, B.C. To obtain information from an Art Knapp in your community, we encourage you to give that location a call or visit. Click the map below to get directions to our Penticton center.

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